In creating, designing and manufacturing distinctive aircraft desks, airplane chairs, fuselage beds, aircraft wing sofas and other unique pieces of aviation-inspired furniture we use genuine components and materials, taken out of real aircraft only. Skilled Win Win Aviation Furniture & Décor designers and craftsmen with years of experience provide our clients globally with décor solutions that breathe value and quality.

Genuine components and materials

Residual value


Over the years, Win Win Aviation Furniture & Décor specialists have forged strong ties with major aircraft maintenance, part-out and component organizations in establishing a trusted supply network. In addition, company’s specialists have build up far-reaching expertise in the field of aviation by working hand in hand with clients from aircraft maintenance, aviation finance, VIP & corporate private charter flight operators, aircraft ground handling, etc.

Established partnerships

Team of aviation experts


Win Win Aviation Furniture & Décor is dedicated in crafting items with a personal touch. Our designers are always looking forward to discovering new, unique ways of turning aircraft structure and components into the art pieces for your home or office. Thus we always tailor our projects to customers’ needs as well as expectations in regards to design, manufacturing and delivery.

Tailored design solutions

Flexible logistics