When it comes to selecting gifts for pilots or aviation-related business partners, Win Win Aviation Furniture & Décor has a lot to offer. If you want to be remembered, if you want to give something classical, if you want to show that you understand their passion for planes and skies – look no further. We offer a variety of gifts, among which are such classics as airplane models.

Is there a more iconic aircraft souvenir than a plane model? Everybody who loves aviation loves planes, so having models of them around the office is always pleasing to the eye. But why merely order a plane – you should customize the colors, too! While having an engraved plaque is great, having a model that looks unique, that reflects the colors of either your or recipient’s company, is better in every way.

But perhaps you are aiming a bit higher? Then why not try an amber plane model, painstakingly hand crafted with the same care that a mosaic artist puts into his art. It would make a truly outstanding aviation gift. Or what about glass visualization? Anything from planes to airports can be immortalized in glass – use this method to bring plans and prototypes into tangible reality. You can also make gifts out of plane parts – engraved engine turbine blade, for example, will be something that your gift recipient won’t soon forget.