Aircraft engine components lighting (FROM €759)

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Aircraft engine components lighting
Aircraft engine components

Aircraft engine components lighting (FROM €759)

Aircraft engine component lamp is just the thing for an aviation fan or an industry expert. Light your aviation themed office in style or hang it in your study at home. It is also a very discrete lighting solution that combines the best practices of upcycling and passion for aviation!

An aircraft engine costs from 12 to 35 million dollars. That’s why an aircraft engine component lamp is a one of the most exclusive fixtures out there. An engine is a blend of scientific research, engineering ingenuity and careful manufacturing. Your guests will without a doubt feel the power and the effort that went into making this stunning piece of décor. It’s one of the most minimalistic airplane part interior design pieces, but it certainly isn’t the least.

It will look great on the ceiling of your office and it will be marvelous on the wall at your home. Whatever environment needs a splash of modern interior design – and some lighting – the aircraft engine component lamp will fit in it. You only need to choose where to put it.

The particular engine component can be crafted into an impressive chandelier, coffee table or any other accessory that will definitely bring character into your interior.

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