Aircraft water container lighting (FROM €599)

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Aircraft water container lighting

Aircraft water container lighting (FROM €599)

A stealthy way to bring aircraft parts into your life! Aircraft water container lamp looks just like a light fixture from a modern interior decoration magazine – that’s because Win Win Aviation Furniture & Décor made it so! This is one of the most covert options that we sell, and a great lighting fixture in by itself!

One of the most subtle aircraft part furniture pieces that we sell – and proof that almost any part of a plane can be upcycled – the aircraft water container lamp is a stealthy way to invite the spirit of aviation into your home or office. Ripped from the deep insides of the plane, it’s an ingenious piece of refurbished part furniture. Its simple exterior makes it look as if it was designed with minimalist modern spaces in mind. As such, it will not look out of place neither in office, nor at a home designed to the latest and greatest standards.

The aircraft water container could feasibly be made into a bowl, but it really looks and functions the best as a light fixture. It reminds one of retro studio lights and thus proves the great versatility of this lamp in both theming and use. Build a whole array of them and light your life in style!

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