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Aircraft window clock

Aircraft window clock (FROM €549)

Any fan or expert of aviation will find their office enriched by the aircraft window clock. No better way to show what inspires you than having a real part of an airplane in the office or at home. Its appearance is elegant, simple and functional – no different than the qualities that mark a good airplane hull!

Time flies when you’re having fun, and now you can observe it fly by with an aircraft window clock. This genuine piece of refurbished aircraft part furniture will tie in nicely with any interior. The clock is a beautiful minimalist creation, unobtrusive and uncluttered by numbers or ornamentation. It’s subtle, solid, simple and reliable, just like any good airplane part is.

Aircraft window clock will look great in any modern office environment. It will blend it, but anyone who will take a moment to glance at it will be able to appreciate the fact that this is no mere clock. It marks the owner as a person of class and passion for aviation.

There are several other options for aircraft-window furniture: it can be made into a bar, a shelf, a picture frame or a desk mirror. Whatever you choose to make of it, it will look great – a quality product for any location!


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