Aircraft skin speaking table (FROM €1299)

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Aircraft skin speaking table

Aircraft skin speaking table (FROM €1299)

The aircraft skin speaking table is ideal for aviation schools, conference organizers as well as reception lounges of any aviation-related business. The table provides a perfect visual addition to any interior and is ideal for giving speeches, lectures or providing a firm and comfortable place for a heavy guest book.

This is a high class speaking table made from genuine aircraft skin. It is a solid piece of furniture that will stand out from any other speaking table the audience could have ever seen. Any speech given at this piece of will be enhanced by its unique, genuine aviation nature. It’s strong and minimalistic– just the thing for serious speakers and business-types who radiate class and confidence.

Any aviation school or conference hall that features frequent aviation speakers will be amiss without such a table. If your air travel or aircraft related company hosts frequent press conferences, this will be just the thing. An aviation skin speaking table will be the genuine proof of your dedication to the world of flight. Once the speaker steps up to this table, everyone will understand that he means business.

The table can also be placed in your reception are to hold you impressive guest book.

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