Aircraft trolley bar (FROM €949)

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Aircraft trolley bar

Aircraft trolley bar (FROM €949)

The shape of the trolley being an unmistakable symbol of aviation life, the bar will fit seamlessly with your other pieces of plane-inspired décor, and the wheels will provide versatility and mobility, just like in its previous life. What’s more, you won’t have to wait for a flight attendant in the office – a drink or a snack will always be there.

Few things signify high-class living than having food and beverages brought to you while you are relaxing on a flight. This aircraft trolley bar has been converted from one of such aircraft service pieces. As snacks and drinks were served high in the sky, so they can be offered in the comfort of your own office and home.

Anyone who has had the pleasure of partaking in air travel knows the trolley as a symbol of life in the passenger compartment. It will bring some of that magic of flight into your office even as it blends seamlessly into the surroundings.

Aircraft trolley furniture is not limited to the bar option. It can also be made into a counter, a bureau or a bed stand. It can also house smaller units of your entertainment system, so that you could serve music and movies like a flight attendant would serve food.


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