3D visualisation in glass (FROM €599)

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3d visualisation in glass

3D visualisation in glass (FROM €599)

You can’t have a perfect hologram display of your newest project. But having it replicated in glass is the next best thing. Far more impressing and captivating than mere printouts or any architectural model, it will capture not only the physical form of the project, but also the creative spirit that created it.

Perfect holograms are not yet here, but 3D visualization in glass is a great alternative for those who wish to display their projects for partners or clients. It works as presentation in an international exhibition, a proud trophy in your lobby or an exclusive gift to business partner. Placed in your office, it will be an instant magnet of attention to all those who enter. What better way to commemorate your stunning successes than have them replicated in glass? If anything, it will also serve as a great source of motivation when working on your current project.

Be it an engine, a plane or building – anything that can be drafted can be transformed into a 3D visualization made of engraved glass. More solid, prestigious and awe inspiring than any simple architectural model, it will show your commitment to your project and amaze any onlookers. After all, your vision will clear as glass.


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