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Aircraft model

Aircraft model (FROM €59)

Aircraft models are a classic gift. They don’t take up much space, they’re elegant and attract the eye. They work great as gifts for pilots, aviation businesses, industry experts, journalists or any other aviation enthusiasts. The light shape of an aircraft forever soaring through the skies on its stand – isn’t that a truly beautiful sentiment to gift?

The model airplane comes assembled and painted, provided with a metal stand and a wooden base. There is also a metal plate on the base that can be engraved on request. It can become a reward for your hard-working team member, or just a gift with some wishes on the plate – whatever you choose to use it for, it will do the job. So personalize this cute aviation souvenir and have it soar proudly in your office or home. It can be with your livery of choice, your company logo or your name – choose whatever exterior design you want. Win Win Aviation Furniture & Décor provides aviation companies around the globe with thousands of these bad boys. So if you see a model airplane, chances are, our team has tailor-made that. After all, what aviation-inspired décor is complete without a model plane?


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