Amber aircraft model (FROM €799)

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Amber aircraft model

Amber aircraft model (FROM €799)

Unless you order a plane model made out of an actual aircraft metals, you won’t find a more exclusive souvenir than this. White and yellow amber are brought together with great care and craftsmanship to create an amber aircraft model. It is hard to find a more exclusive, eye catching business gift.

Airplane models are fine and dandy, but if you want to have or gift something truly unique, amber aircraft model is the way to go. A truly exquisite aviation souvenir, it is made, as the name implies, from real amber. The unusual material is expertly formed into the shape of a modern airliner. It’s produced in a way similar to how a mosaic constructed, using tastefully matches pieces of yellow and white amber. The glossy stand accentuates the subtle contrast in colors. The metal plate on the base can be engraved with the words or logo of your choosing. This aircraft model would be a truly stand-out piece of any office, reception area or study.

This model is a gift that your business partner will not soon forget. It will stand out among any other trophies that might surround it.

The exclusive aircraft model comes in a classic black gift box.


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