Engraved turbine engine blade (FROM €559)

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Engraved turbine engine blade

Engraved turbine engine blade (FROM €559)

An outstanding and genuine aviation souvenir, the engraved engine blade is a great way to commemorate a deal, a completion of a project or to use as a trophy in a business competition. It’s a peaceful yet powerful piece of aircraft for people engaging in all manner of peaceful civil aviation matters.

This reused engine part will stand out in any trophy display case. On shelves crowded with generic engraved glass pieces and abstract statues that vaguely relate to the subject of the award, a turbine blade will unmistakably demonstrate its ties to the aviation industry. This dignified piece of metal is as powerful a gift as the engine that it comes from.

The engraved turbine engine blade is a genuine aviation souvenir. It stands head and shoulders above abstract pieces of glass and stone that so often comprise trophies. Taken from the engine of a long-serving airplane, it bears the marks of long flights and hard work. With the text of your choosing, this will be a gift or a trophy that will always remind the recipient of your taste and connection of the aviation. It is thus more memorable than any simple trophy and will surprise any that look upon it. This is truly a piece of aviation part art!


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